Mass of St. Thérèse

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Mass of St. Thérèse

In Thanks

At 11:00 p.m. on October 18, 2001, during the Canadian Tour of the St. Thérèse Reliquary, Holy Mass was celebrated at Saint Andrew's the Apostle Church in London, Ontario. This Welcoming Mass was the first entirely sung 'Mass of St. Thérèse'. Fr. Maurice Charbonneau was the presider. About 1400 attended.

A Special Thank You to...

St. Thérèse, thanks for your intercession during this wonderful visit.

Thanks to all of the organizers of the Canadian Reliquary Tour. Your hidden effort and dedication are exemplary.

Not enough can be said about the spirit and excellence of the St. Andrews volunteer team. We extend our heartfelt thanks for the wonderful welcome and assistance they provided.

Thanks to Nick for his skillful management of the mix!

Thanks to Carolyn for her masterful violin accompaniment!

Thanks to Marion for her help with the page turns!

The St. Patrick's Choir under the team leadership of Charlene, Brian, Maria and Caroline sang as sweet as roses! Their family oriented approach and passionate dedication is a model to emulate. Karen, Marianne and I are delighted to have become 'honorary' members of the St. Patrick's Choir.

Thanks to Paul and Maria for permission to use their pictures!

Not enough can be said about Marianne, (my wife), and Karen. They are wonderful partners in the music ministry.

Thanks to all of our family, friends and parishoners who came to the mass. We are greatful for your participation!

Thanks to Fr. Maurice Charbonneau who sang the mass so beautifully and prayerfully. Father Maurice was the first to tell us about our 'Dear St. Thérèse'.

Thanks to Fr. Dominic Borg O.C.D. of St. Andrew's for allowing us to participate in the Reliquary visit.

Thanks to all those who attended.

Thanks be to God!

Images © Paul Buis OCDS, 2001. Used with Permission
Dated Images © Maria Vogels, 2001. Used with Permission
St. Andrew's has a complete story of the Reliquary visit.

Prayer to St. Thérèse

Hear (.WAV) 'Prayer To St. Thérèse' Hear (MP3) 'Prayer To St. Thérèse'

Dear St. Thérèse, will you please let fall a rose.
A petal of the flower that you shower upon those,
who try to find the 'Little Way', and take the path you chose.
And if we stray along the Way, please send another rose.

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